PSRS / PEERS – What is it? How do I benefit?


PSRS – Public School Retirement System of Missouri

PEERS – The Public Education Employee Retirement System of Missouri


The questions roll in as educators begin to explore and understand our Missouri retirement system.  (By the way, we have one of the BEST retirement plans in the country.  It is definitely worth getting to know.)


Did you know……

  • PSRS / PEERS have three different benchmarks for Normal or Full Retirement Benefits?
  • There are also Early Retirement Benefits available?
  • There is an option of a Partial Lump Sum (PLSO) when you retire IF you are eligible?
  • There is a Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and a Government Pension Offset (GPO) that may affect you upon retirement?
  • You may be eligible to purchase credit to add to your years of service?
  • You have several different Survivor Option benefits once you retire?


It is NEVER too early to talk with an integrated team of financial advisors to discuss your full financial picture and retirement options.  Set a plan…set goals…..but also make sure you review them regularly as our lives / financial pictures can change quite often  and with out much notice.  Your plans and goals will (most likely) be different from your coworker.  And that is OK…..YOU  want what is best for YOUR family’s financial picture…not someone else’s picture.